Spicy Kerala Mutton / Lamb Curry


We don’t usually cook red meat at home – in an endeavor to reduce eating it at all. Because, health and all that jazz. But sometimes you have to give in. This time it was because I was watching Anthony Bourdain’s travel food show on CNN and he was chomping down hot mutton curry while giving his viewers serious heartburn. We don’t even get mutton around where we live so I made a mental note of finding a good Indian restaurant that serves it for our next date.

On my next routine shopping trip at Wholefoods, I stopped by the meat section and hungrily stared at all the red meat cuts on display. Boy it had been long since I ate some Kerala chilly beef or pork vindaloo or mutton masala. Since there was no mutton, I bought some good looking lamb and walked home dreaming about the stuff I would do to it.

I dug out my mom’s recipe, and substituted lamb for mutton and made it for dinner. It turned out so delicious! Succulent pieces of meat in a wonderful spicy and tangy tomato coconut gravy. We ate it with boiled brown rice and not much else. Actually I did make a cauliflower sabzi on the side, but I think we both ignored it. The spicy lamb curry was clearly the star of the evening.

What you need :

1/2 kg or 1 Lb Lamb / Mutton – chopped in equal cubes

Coconut milk – 3-4 cups

2 large onions finely chopped

1 tsp Garam masala,

½ tsp Fennel seeds or Saunf (grind it using a mortar pestle)

2 tsp Coriander / Dhania powder

1.5 tsp Kashmiri Red chilly powder (add 1 tsp regular red chilly to this, if you want it very spicy like me!)

2 tsp Ginger Garlic paste

2 tomatoes pureed

1 tsp Mustard seeds / Rai

2-3 Whole Red Chilies

7-8 Curry leaves

3 tbl sp Coconut oil – (or whatever oil you have)

Method :

In a small bowl, make paste using 2 spoons of water and garam masala, ground fennel seeds, coriander pdr, red chilly pdr and ginger garlic paste and keep aside

In a pressure cooker, heat coconut oil on medium – when hot, add mustard seeds, whole red chilies and curry leaves. Once they start sputtering for a minute add onions and saute till light brown.

Now, add masala paste made above and let is cook for 3-4 minutes

Add chopped mutton, mix slowly so the wet masala covers the pieces nicely

Add salt to taste

Add tomato puree and cook for 15-20 min at least

Now add 1.5 cups of thin coconut milk and  put on lid and pressure cook for 1 whistle (about 10 minutes),  reduce to simmer and keep for 15 mins and switch off.

Then open the cooker, check to make sure mutton has cooked through (if not add some more coconut milk and pressure cook again), then add thick coconut milk 2-2.5 depending on how much gravy you want. Without the lid, bring to boil and switch off.

Enjoyed best with boiled white/brown/red rice!


5 thoughts on “Spicy Kerala Mutton / Lamb Curry

  1. Gr8 recipe indeed! Divya,going through ur blog is a nice
    Experience… Especially when u are the daughter of our
    Favourite Nalini Aunty…well I am he student from her
    Baking class which sadly got over yesterday..keep cooking
    And post ing recipes…tc.

  2. Hi Lakshmi, Thank you for your wonderful comment! I am so happy to hear you are my mom’s student =) She is my biggest inspiration! Please keep visiting the blog and sharing your feedback on the recipes.XX

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