Shakshouka it up

Shakshouka (or Shakshuka or Chachouka) is a Tunisian┬ástaple of eggs in spiced tomato gravy. It is easy to see why its so popular for a quick dinner or brunch at home- 1) it can be made in a single dish (always a plus!) like a cast iron skillet or tajine. 2) It has hearty complex … More Shakshouka it up

Indian Masala Chai Tea

“Chai” simply means “tea” in most Indian languages. We are big chai people. Not only must we start our day with it but we also don’t miss a chance to savor a cup in the evening (dubbing this time of day as “chai – time”). It is also a must-have over lazy weekend breakfasts with friends or family that turn into catch up sessions over multiple rounds of chai, and of course on rainy days where all you want to do is curl up with your book and a hot cup of, you guessed it – chai! … More Indian Masala Chai Tea

Toasted Coconut and Banana Bread / Musings of a newbie runner

It has been a productive week! We did the Brooklyn half marathon last weekend. I say “did” because while R ran, I barely managed to finish. I enjoyed the first 10k and was sort of managing my pace till then, but the second half killed me. I was asking myself why I signed up for … More Toasted Coconut and Banana Bread / Musings of a newbie runner

Grapefruit Olive Oil Cake

My husband is a HUGE grapefruit lover. He loves the fruit so much, that he usually eats one a day. He has a special way of cutting it too – neatly peeling all the skin out so all that is left is wonderful pearls of the fruit that are both crunchy and juicy at the same time. I can’t complain really, since cutting a grapefruit is generally a lot of work =p I was curious to bake a cake using grapefruit. Grapefruit itself has a lot of flavor, but unlike its other cousins, it leaves a slightly bitter aftertaste. I wasn’t sure how that would turn out in a cake, but this recipe from Smitten Kitchen’s Cookbook did a good job of bringing out the fresh and citrusy notes without the aftertaste . Using olive oil instead of butter is definitely one trick to keeping your cake moist! Also, it’s such a lovely light cake, that it goes wonderfully with your afternoon tea! I skipped the glaze, to cut down the sweetness. Though slightly less pretty – it tasted fantastic!

Also – I think this recipe can be used Oranges just as well, simply replace wherever Grapefruit is used!

More Grapefruit Olive Oil Cake